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Volunteering at State and National Parks

This past April, Cindy and I asked to volunteer at Anastasia State Park in St Augustine Florida.  We looked up the website for the state parks in Florida, found the state parks that interested us (Anastasia was our first choice), clicked on their “get involved” link, and found that they needed volunteer camp hosts.  We filled out an application on the Florida State website and called the volunteer coordinator for Anastasia, Renee Market, who took our information and told us she would get back to us.

It took about 2 weeks and Renee called us and told us she had a spot for us and we could stay 4 months.  We have been here for 3 months and have to leave at the end of July but have already signed up for another 4 months here starting in May 2017. 

We have had several people ask what we do as camp hosts so here is exactly what we do.  At Anastasia State Park, we work 3 days on and 3 days off, about 20 hours a week.

The days we are working we clean camp sights by cleaning of any leaves, picking up the trash, cleaning the fire pit, cleaning the men’s and women’s bathrooms and helping campers find their campsite and many times help them back into the site.

The great thing about volunteering as camp host, is that you get to camp for free, with full hookups–also free! AND, when you finish you get to go play on the beach or explore the area!

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