There’s more to Daytona than just a racetrack

The Museum of Arts & Sciences (MOAS) in Daytona Beach is the primary art, science and history museum in Central Florida.  The area’s largest museum, MOAS is nationally accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and is a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate.  Cindy and I have been to many museums but nothing like this except for the Smithsonian in Washington DC.

Cindy and I spent the whole day at this museum.   Please click “continue reading” for the whole story and lots more pictures.

One of the huge rooms in the museum
Each room in the museum is packed with amazing works of art. Because they are mostly behind glass to protect them in is sometimes difficult to photograph them.

This is one of the most unique museums we have ever been to.  The exhibits include artwork by famous artists, beautiful art glass, old cars, Coca Cola antiques and memorabilia , old train cars, beautiful antique furniture and so much more.  With over 30,000 exhibits you can spend several hours exploring each of the rooms filled with beautiful exhibits.   There is also a restaurant with very good food at reasonable prices in case you get hungry as you explore.  And explore you will!

If you are ever in Daytona, this would be an excellent place to spend the day.  Below are some of the pictures I took inside the museum.  Click on each to see a larger image.


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