Leaving Anastasia State Park and Heading for New Adventures

We have been here at Anastasia State Park for four months now and this Sunday we are packing up and heading to Koreshan State Historic Site in Estero Florida just above Bonita Springs.

While we were here we enjoyed working as camp hosts, meeting new people  working with the Rangers and other volunteers, we made new friends and had some great times.

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Fishing here is really different from fishing in Virginia.

I did a little fishing and Jay, another one of the volunteers gave me a 6 foot cast net that I learned to throw like a pro and catch bait to fish with.

Down here in Florida they use artificial bait but also fiddler crabs, blue crabs and minnows.  Also if a fiddler crab get ahold of your finger it hurts…  LOL!!

Travel, fishing, St Augustine, Anastasia State Park
Fiddler crabs make good bait for fishing.
This is called the do-dad tree. People put stuff on the trees and there is something always new there.
This is called the Do-dad tree. People put stuff on the trees and there is always something new there.

We came to know the Do-dad tree that people would go up to, make a wish and leave a token on the tree.  We visited the tree several times and left shells or other little things we had found on the beach.

Travel, St Augustine, Anastasia State Park
Close up shot of the Do-Dad tree.

Cindy and I found shells, feathers and other things to decorate the tree.
There is always something new to be found here!

Everyone says that they want to live on an island with the ocean in their backyard and for the past 4 months that is exactly what we did.  We have seen baby turtles make their run for the ocean, watched giant pelicans and great egrets flying along the shoreline.  Seen starfish, baby squids and sand dollars in tidal pools at low tide and found dozens of sharks’ teeth in the sand.  We have played in the ocean and taken long walks on the beach.

Ready for new adventures!!

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