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Learning to live small!!

For the last 6 months Cindy and I have been living in a 300 sq. ft. travel trailer with 2 pull outs.  Learning to live small has it’s challenges but it is also lots of fun.  Part of the challenge is finding places to put all your stuff and anytime you go out and think of buying something you also need to know where you can put it.

Learning to live small at St Augustine Florida in our travel trailer.Right now we are camp hosts at Anastasia State Park until the end of July and then we move about a hundred miles south to Koreshan State Historic Site  by Bonita Springs and then we go to John Pennenkamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo for November and December.

Pelicans flying along beach at Anastasia State Park, St Augustine Florida
Watching pelicans fly across the beach at sunrise.

We work for 20 hours a week usually 3 days on and 3 days off working 4 to 5 hours each day we are on.  In return we get a free camping site with free water, electric and sewer.  Now tell me where else you can go and live free while having a beautiful beach just down the street in walking distance.  I cannot wait to get to Key Largo for Nov. and Dec.  We are planning to go down to Key West for Christmas.   There are many opportunities in both State and Federal parks to volunteer and stay and play! 

The one thing you need to be able to do is learn how to  fix things on your RV and if you do not know how you can usually look at YouTube and find what you are looking for.  Also read your owners manual so you learn about your RV and its maintenance.  Also some of the older campers will usually give you good advice.  We have learned a lot in our first 6 months of learning to live small in a trailer.


7 thoughts on “Learning to live small!!”

  1. i dive at pennekamp in the keys!!! You’ll love it. Make sure you get to alligator reef while you’re there. It’s mindblowing serenity and beauty. You also get to spear lionfish and cut them into pieces with scissors. You’re actually obligated to do this.

  2. My favorites places in Key Largo,
    Best Breakfast-The Hideout Restaurant
    Best Hangout- Gilbert’s resort
    Tiki Bar- Live music and bar food(seaford)
    Best place to watch sunset.
    Best Key Lime Pie-Key Lime Factory.
    Best Park-John Pennicamp
    Best Fishing
    The 19mile trip between Florida Ciy and Key Largo can be backed up and/or closed due to traffic conditions.
    Enjoyed meeting you today.
    Keep me posted.

    1. Thanks, Paul—we’ll definitely check these places out when we get to John Pennekamp State Park in November-December!

      Bill & Cindy

  3. I’m excited to read about your adventures! I know you will meet some new great friends and enjoy every minute. I love the sunset picture dad. I love you both and I look forward to reading your blog.

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