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After many of our friends and family telling us we should do a blog and take them on our adventures, we decided to do so and this is it. We will be doing a combination of blog posts with pictures as well as video posts so you can see and hear what we are doing and have some fun along with us. Enjoy and please subscribe to our blog!

Bill & Cindy Cloughly…   Trailer Travelers

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Travel Blog!”

  1. Enjoyed talking with you about being campground hosts. Look forward to hearing about your adventures.

    1. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, Doug and Michelle! We enjoyed talking with you too! We leave at the end of the month for a new adventure at Koreshan State Park, near Bonita Springs and Fort Myers!

  2. Hey Bill, had a interview with Anastasia Park Manager on Tues. I think it went well. I never thought of Park Service prior to talking to you. I have another interview next week with Blue Springs SP. (15 min from my house).
    During the interview I mentioned talking to you about volunteering which led me to apply.
    Thanks again Paul.

    1. That is great news, Paul! Glad the interview went well, and thanks for letting Mark, Anastasia SP’s new manager, know that we were the ones who “inspired” you to take these first steps. Good luck with the upcoming interview!
      Bill & Cindy

  3. Subscribed after you left our booth (garlic spread) at the St. Augustine Farmers Market. Look forward to seeing your travel adventures.

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